Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alluring Addictions

If we're all really honest with ourselves, we can all acknowledge there is something or many things in our lives for which we possess addictions.  We have these compulsions for habits or substances that can be harmful to our lives.  When they begin to significantly interfere with our productivity in our home life, career, and/or health, it's time to acknowledge these vices and begin to make the changes that are necessary to regain control over our here goes nothing.

I have a confession to name is Crystal and I'm both a caffeineaholic and televisionoholic.  I have this propensity to reach for dark, syrupy, sugar laden drinks that consume an excessive amount of my daily calories that should instead be filled with something that's leafy, green, and full of vitamins.  I usually only have one 12oz. caffeinated beverage daily and that's one too many.  Fortunately I haven't gotten this deep in the world of caffeine junkies...

Check your diabetes at the door.

... but I don't want to take any chances.  I am making efforts to improve the overall health of my life for my self, my fiancĂ©, and the family we hope to have some day.  Working full-time, soon-to-be starting school full-time, and planning a wedding, you think I would be quick to have an IV of pure unadulterated caffeine pumping through my veins around the clock!

I also have a strong affinity for watching hours of mind numbing television because my brain is consumed with all the thoughts that come with working full-time, starting school full-time, and planning a wedding.  I can't get enough of reality t.v....which we all know is not much of reality at all, but it's this drivel that helps me wash away the stress of the day.  Biz wasn't much of a T.V. guy before he and I got together, but I was slowly, unintentionally of course, persuading him over to the dark side.  Before I knew it, I was contemplating fashioning an iPhone into one of these bad boys to get my fix... not really, but it was getting out of control. loving fiancĂ© helped snap me back to reality, our reality...not the manufactured mess that is Bravo reality (which I absolutely LOVE!).  We have both begun to make changes to make sure we maintain a productive and more healthy lifestyle.  A few weeks ago we decided to put our cable on pause for the next few months and  have begun working out pretty consistently since the beginning of the summer.  I have never, EVER, in my life lived without television and was concerned that I would go Ramotional...but so far, I have managed to stay composed.  We compromised and I have a HULU account so that I don't have to go cold turkey.  I've also made an effort, although not consistent, on drinking more water over cans of carbonated caffeine.  I'm hoping these new changes will help keep us productive and healthy.  I guess only time will tell.

I'm hoping that sharing this with all of you will help keep me accountable in my mission. that we're all well acquainted with my vices, anyone else feeling the need to share and make some changes?

Peace, Love, & Nerdy Stuff

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Daviddm said...

Wow! Good for you. I sure as he'll couldn't do it. Actually I wouldn't want to do it. I mean PR just started. SYTYCD?! HIMYM...