Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did you say s-s-savings?

Please excuse the drool, I can't resist a good deal when I hear one. I have this overwhelming urge to take my frugality to the next, or maybe the jedi-master or so, level. Never more so than now do I want to find ways to help keep the pocketbook full. I recently saw a new reality show (one of my guilty pleasures, all most things "reality") that got me so excited I nearly hyper-ventilated, no, not really, but almost! Did you know there are people out there like you and me who are virtually robbing grocery stores without guns and a ski mask? These people have mastered the art of...COUPONING! (By the way, yes it is a word, I looked it up).

Ever since I saw
Extreme Couponing debut on TLC, I immediately got on this kick to become super saver savvy. I've always been a girl who loves sales and discounts, no shame here, but this show makes me want to take it to a whole new level!

Ask Biz...he has graciously put up with encouraged my new obsession. I shamelessly went out and bought the supplies to make my couponing super easy. Being the ridiculously busy person that I am...this project (along with a few others at the moment, that's why we have summer though right? For those of us stuck on the school year calendar who are too busy to catch up on anything from September to May is what I keep telling myself anyway) is sadly collecting dust and I've probably only saved us a total of $25 dollars. Savings are still saving right? Riiiight?

Ultimately I just want to help our household thrive and use our money for better purposes and limit the frivolous purchases. Considering the instability that has always been in our economy I'd rather make wise choices now, then have to worry so much later. Although my cou
poning ventures haven't proved super profitable, I am always looking out for ways to save. What are some of the ways you save?


Jaime said...

Caught the first episode of that show, and it's crazy. Too bad we don't have double and triple coupon-ing around here!

As for our methods, coupons of course. The newspaper is about $26/year for the Saturday/Sunday subscription, and we've already saved more than that with the coupons just getting things we normally would anyway.

I'm also willing to shop around a lot for certain items, especially if it's not something I need right now!!! I'll check local ads, but also online. I have about a half dozen sites I'll check regularly to find the lowest price, as well as signing up for a few free sites that allow you to earn a percentage back on your online buys.

Crystal said...

I'm also bummed that we don't have double/triple couponing here!

I rely on the weekend newspaper to find my coupons, which I am proud to say that I got my subscription with a groupon ;) and sometimes I purchase a magazine called "All You" that has loads of coupons.

Relying on sites that already do the busy work of finding sales and coupons to maximize your savings is great.

There are also sites from which you can purchase coupons in bulk at a low cost so you still save. I just haven't tried them myself yet.

I plan to become more efficient when things slow down. I had no idea I could earn savings from online shopping. This might start a whole new craze :) Thanks for sharing!

Jaime said...

I'll email you some of the details!